Pro-Teams Bass Tournament Comes to Lake Havasu

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In Lake Havasu, "fishing season" never ends. It just transitions. Warmer weather means the fish are biting every month of the year. This year, Havasu hosts the Colorado River Pro-Teams Bass Tournament at the end of January. That means more fishing, more prize money, and more fun to come in the new year.


  • What: Colorado River Pro-Teams Bass Tournament 2018
  • Where: Windsor 4, Lake Havasu State Park - Maps & Directions
  • When: Saturday, January 27th, 6 am to 3 pm
  • Admission: $270
  • Contact: Colorado River Pro-Teams (928) 692-5086 or via email


Lake Havasu Fishing Report


The Colorado River Pro-Teams Bass Tournament is new to Lake Havasu. They boast the best team payouts on the Colorado River Circuit. For their first tournament here, they offer a 1-4 payout. Your entry fee includes the big fish competition. A $20 largest smallmouth option will be offered. It pays just one place. The grand prize depends on the total entries they receive. If you're interested in participating in the big "fish-off" at the end of the day, you must participate in at least 3 of the 4 events scheduled. The "fish-off" constitutes the fourth and final event of the day.

Lake Havasu fishing

You don't have to pay any membership fees to compete at the Colorado River Pro-Teams Bass Tournament either. Fish as a single angler or a dual team. Admission is $270. Memberships are available for $30 per person or $40 per family. Since the Colorado River Pro-Teams group has a local office right here in Lake Havasu City, they're pretty easy to get a hold of. Call them at (928) 692-5086 for tickets or information or visit them online at

Lake Havasu fishing

Lake Havasu City is just one stop on their Colorado River circuit. They also fish Calville Bay at Lake Mead and over in Cottonwood. Several more tournaments are on the calendar for those areas for the upcoming year. However, they'll also be back in Havasu again in May and June.

havasu fishing report

Sign up for the Colorado River Pro-Teams Bass Tournament when it hits Lake Havasu at the end of January. As a team or an individual, it's never a bad day to go fishing.

Lake Havasu Fishing Report



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