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Sept. 29, 2020

Desert Bar to Open for 2020


Desert Bar Sets to Open for 2020-2021 Season

Desert Bar Lake Havasu


You know Summer is officially over in Lake Havasu when the The "Nellie E Saloon", better known as the DESERT BAR, opens for the first time of the year! 

The Desert Bar is opening as scheduled this Saturday & Sunday  October 3rd & 4th  @ Noon - Maps & Directions

The Desert Bar Parker AZ

Desert Bar Havasu

Desert Bar Lake Havasu City

The Desert Bar in Lake Havasu City AZ


There is no electricity, no AC and bring your loot because it's CASH only! The Desert Bar is something to experience, with great food and live bands every weekend throughout the cooler months, until April.

The "Nellie E Saloon" is located 5 miles off the Cienega Springs Rd exit on  Hwy-95, approximately 5 miles north of Parker, Arizona.

Maps & Directions


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June 26, 2020

Lake Havasu 4th of July Fireworks Show 2020


4th of July Fireworks in Lake Havasu

4th of July fireworks Lake Havasu 2020

With so much craziness going on in the world today, it's nice to be able to rely on certain things. The lake always provides hours of fun at any time of the year. Lake Havasu City spends most of its summer hours in triple-digit temperatures. That's when the lake looks especially inviting. And the July 4th fireworks show lights up the Havasu skies every year. This year is no exception.


  • What: July 4th Fireworks Show
  • Where: Above Lake Havasu
  • When: Saturday, July 4th, 9 pm
  • Admission: FREE


This year, the 4th of July falls on a Saturday. We'll most likely see an increase in traffic on the lake in the days leading up to it. We should see an increase in police presence out on the lake as a result. So, keep safety laws in mind while operating your boat, jet ski, etc. out on the lake. Remember, no drinking while operating a vehicle out on the water. You will receive a fine (at the least) and possible jail time. It's not worth it. And always keep your eyes out for people actually IN the water while coasting around the lake. They can be hard to see, especially if you're not paying attention.

Lake Havasu 4th of July Fireworks

The fireworks show begins just after sunset (around 9 pm). The best places to view the July 4th fireworks show are from:


* Rotary Park

* Nautical Beachfront Resort

* London Bridge Beach

* Thompson Bay


CLICK HERE to enlarge

Where to see Lake Havasu Fireworks Show 4th of July 2020

CLICK HERE to enlarge


Rotary Beach fills up quickly. I recommend you get there early. Keep social distancing in mind when setting up your "spot". They allow you to bring coolers. But leave alcohol and pets at home. Head over to the island. Nautical Resort offers plenty of free parking. However, they don't allow coolers, outside alcohol, or pets at their facility. London Bridge Beach, on the other hand, DOES allow coolers. They also have free parking. But, if you don't want to leave the water, watch the show from your boat in Thompson Bay. Just drop anchor early because it tends to get packed in there, too. Make sure you anchor the bow AND the stern. The area oftentimes experiences a strong wind and current during this time. 

4th of July Fireworks Lake Havasu

Tune your radio to KNTR 980 on your AM dial at 9 pm to enjoy the full effect of this pyrotechnics display.

They simulcast music specifically set to correlate with the fireworks show. It's a blast in more ways than one. Finally, please consider leaving your pets at home for their comfort and yours. Loud noises, bright lights, and big crowds are enough to rattle even the calmest of pets. Let them enjoy their night in peace...in the comfort of their own home.


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March 4, 2020

Bluegrass on the Beach 2020


Bluegrass on the Beach Music Festival back at Windsor Beach for the 18th Year

Bluegrass on the Beach Lake Havasu

For almost 20 years now, the first weekend in March has been reserved for music on the shores of Lake Havasu. That's when Bluegrass on the Beach comes to town. With its American beginnings in the Appalachian mountain region, Bluegrass pulls from its originators' European roots (Scotland, England, and Ireland). They threw in a little African-American jazz and blues as well, bringing a unique genre to the musical arena. This weekend, anyone who loves Bluegrass needs to hit the beach.

Bluegrass on the Beach 2020

  • What: Bluegrass on the Beach in Lake Havasu
  • Where: Lake Havasu State Park Site #4 (699 London Bridge Rd) - Maps & Directions
  • When: March 6th, 7th & 8th
  • Admission: $20/adult Fri & Sun, $25/adult Sat, $10/teen each day, free/kids 12 & under

Bluegrass on the Beach Lake Havasu


American music deserves an American start. So, it should surprise no one that this three-day event begins with the National Anthem at 9:30 am on Friday, March 6th. After a formal welcome to all gathered there, the first band of the festival (Flint Hill Special) performs. Throughout the weekend, you'll hear amazing Bluegrass performances from the likes of The Dave Adkins Band, Mark Phillips and IIIrd Generation, Russell Moore & IIIrd Time Out, and The Kody Norris Show. In between their sets, listen to other fantastic performers. Do you play Bluegrass music for fun? Bring along your instrument and join in on one of the many jam sessions planned off-stage. Don't be shy. It's all for fun!

Bluegrass music Festival Lake Havasu

Organizers encourage guests to bring their own chairs. You'll be allowed to set up your chairs in any available space on the very first day and leave them for the duration of the festival. Just make sure to grab them before you go on your last day there. Coolers must be left in your campsite or vehicle. None will be allowed on festival grounds. But, don't worry. There will be food and drink vendors available on-site. So, you'll never be hungry or thirsty. The festival area is also a no pet/no smoking area. Please leave your furry friends at home.

Bluegrass on the Beach music festival Lake Havasu City

Tickets for the Bluegrass festival cost $20 per adult for Friday and Sunday. Saturday, the biggest day of the festival, costs $25 per adult. Teens (ages 13 to 18) get in for just $10 per day. And kids under 13 get in for free with a paid adult. Plan on coming back for more than one day? Hook yourself up with a three-day pass for $100. This includes a dry camping spot located at the Windsor Beach Lot #4.


Maps & Directions


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March 3, 2020

Havasu Deuces Car Show 2020


Havasu Deuces Car Show on the Rotary Park Baseball Field

Havasu Deuces Car Show

In the sixties, the Beach Boys sang about how their little deuce coupe purrs like a kitten. With a competition clutch and four on the floor, she leaves those Thunderbirds behind like they're standing still. For some car owners, nothing beats the classic style of a 1932 Ford Coupe. Owners of this American-made beauty converge upon Rotary Park this weekend for the Havasu Dueces Car Show 2020. 


  • What: Havasu Dueces Car Show 2020
  • Where: Rotary Park Ball Fields - Maps & Directions
  • When: March 5th to 7th
  • Admission: Free for spectators



Who wins this show? Everyone who goes because they get to see these gorgeous vehicles up close and personal. This three-day event starts off with Deuce Night on Thursday, March 5th. All vehicles registered for Saturday's official show and shine park along McCulloch Blvd between 2 pm and 8 pm. McCulloch shuts down to regular traffic an hour before the line-up. Spectators can park anywhere available on Mesquite and Swanson. Stop by one of the bars or restaurants located on McCulloch for refreshments. 

Havasu Deuces Lake Havasu

The main event takes place at the Rotary Park Ball Fields on Saturday, March 7th. Starting at 8 am, come see all of the Deuces competing for Best in Show. The organizers understand that other manufacturers created some other phenomenal vehicles after 1932. So, they set up a special section for classic cars built in 1957 and before. These cars compete for their own Best in Show awards. Winners will be announced at the end of the show (3 pm). 

Havasu Deuces Car Show Havasu

You can't have a classic car show without some classic music. Food and beer vendors keep you fed and quench your thirst. Proceeds from the show benefit the high school's athletic program. No outside food or drink allowed. And please leave your pets at home. Rotary Park doesn't allow dogs anyway. 

Havasu Deuces Car Show 2020

Maps & Directions 


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Feb. 26, 2020

4th Annual Brews and Brats Festival


Brews and Brats Festival Back in Lake Havasu for the 4th Year

Brews and Brats Festival Lake Havasu

Leap Year happens every four years. This year, February contains 29 days instead of its usual 28. How do you keep track of which year it takes place? Simple. Every time the US holds a presidential election is a leap year. While that may mean one more day of listening to politicians argue with each other, it also means that we celebrate things like the Lake Havasu Beers & Brats Festival 2020 on Leap Day.


  • What: Lake Havasu Beers & Brats Festival 2020
  • Where: Springberg-McAndrew Park (2-44 Quiero Ave) - Maps & Directions
  • When: Saturday, February 29th, 12 pm to 4 pm

Brews & Brats Lake Havasu AZ


Peas and carrots. Peanut butter and jelly. Beers and brats. Two great tastes that taste great together. With 70F weather and sunny skies above, this outdoor venue provides the perfect location for the Lake Havasu Beers & Brats Festival. Sample some of the finest craft beers made by the best breweries in the tri-state area. Of course, you'll need something in your belly to sustain you throughout the afternoon. That's where the brats come in. And what Havsau event would be complete without live music to keep you entertained?

Beer Festival Lake Havasu

The Lake Lake Havasu Beers & Brats Festival is strictly a 21 and older affair. All attendees must present a valid photo ID to prove their age before entering. Make sure you get a babysitter for the kiddos. And, please, leave the pets at home. This crowd can be large and might get a little loud. That scares even the timidest of animals. For their safety and the safety of your fellow festival-goers, please leave your furry friends at home.


Tickets cost $20 if you purchase them online by February 28th (www.eventbrite.com/e/lake-havasu-brews-and-brats-festival-tickets-88422870185). Wait until the day of the event and you pay $10 more per person. However, if you are the designated driver for your group, you only pay $10 for the group. Alcohol may be off-limits, but you get to enjoy the tasty brats and fun atmosphere. I highly recommend that you purchase your tickets early. This event sells out early every year.

Maps & Directions



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Feb. 18, 2020

2020 Hot Products IJSBA Mark Hahn Memorial 300

Mark Hahn Memorial 300 Back in Lake Havasu for its 16th Year

Mark Hahn memorial 300

Even in the middle of winter, Lake Havasu still experiences some fantastic weather. While others across the country see temperatures dipping well below freezing, we enjoy highs in the upper 60s/low 70s right now. Sure, you might want to don a winter wet suit before diving into the lake. (Current water temp shows it hovering around 60F.) But that's a small price to pay to play in our water. Later this month, we play host to the 2020 Lake Havasu Mark Hahn Memorial 300, the world's longest jet ski endurance race.


  • What: 2020 Hot Products IJSBA Mark Hahn Memorial 300
  • Where: Crazy Horse Campgrounds - Maps & Directions
  • When: February 22nd, 8 am to 3 pm
  • Contact: Jim Russell, DSM Events email dsmevents35@gmail.com



Mark Hahn was an ambassador for endurance watersports racing. After his death in 2004, the Mark Hahn Memorial 300 was created in his honor. Teams come from all over the world to compete in this prestigious race. Last year, we saw teams from Japan, Indonesia, Slovakia, Australia, France, and Russia, just to name a few. Organizers created a course that allows novice riders to compete against more seasoned pros and stand an equal chance of taking home top honors.

Hot Products Mark Hahn 300

This is one of the few watersports races that begin with a LeMans start. What does that mean? Instead of starting off in the water, the riders race from the beach to their jet ski and start it up in the water. That adds another level of competition to the event.

2020 Mark Hahn Memorial 300

Race Day starts off at 7 am, when teams come in to set up their hot pits at Crazy Horse. After the 8 am rider's meeting and 9 am parade, the competitors line up for their LeMans start. Once the start flag drops at around 10 am, it's off to the races. Each team must complete 30 ten-mile laps before crossing the finish line. That means multiple rider changes and fuel stops along the way. Good luck to all the teams competing.

Mark Hahn Memorial 300

The awards presentation takes place in the Aquatic Center's Relics & Rods Hall. A no-host bar opens at 6 pm, with dinner served quickly thereafter. Awards will be handed out at 7:45 pm. If you haven't purchased your $25 ticket for the awards banquet ahead of time, you can get them at the door.

Course map


Maps & Directions


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Feb. 6, 2020

31st Annual Winter Blast 2020


Western Pyrotechnic Association Back in Lake Havasu for Winter Blast: 2020 - "Ignite the Night"

Winter Blast Lake Havasu

Americans love to celebrate with fireworks. Independence Day. New Year's Eve. It's all fun and games. But, let's face it. New Year's was over a month ago. And who wants to wait five more months for the 4th of July? Spend Valentine's Day weekend at SARA Park with the Havasu Winter Blast Pyrotechnics Show 2020!


  • What: 31st Annual WPA Havasu Winter Blast Pyrotechnics Show 2020
  • Where: Havasu 95 Speedway @ SARA Park - Maps & Directions
  • When: February 13th to 16th, 7:30 pm to 10 pm
  • WPA Official Site: www.westernpyro.org

Winter blast 2020 Havasu

Since 1989, the Western Pyrotechnic Association has come to our oasis in the desert to showcase the latest and greatest fireworks in the field. With literally thousands of acres of desert land surrounding and warmer winter weather, Lake Havasu offers the perfect safe location to light up these rockets. 


The show starts after dark, around 7:30 pm, nightly. However, gates open as early as noon on Thursday and Sunday and 10 am on Friday and Saturday (which also happen to be the busiest days of the weekend). Parking spaces fill up quickly. Parking costs $8 per vehicle (cash only). They set no limit to the number of people allowed in each vehicle. Just make sure everyone fits safely inside. Organizers strongly suggest that you bring ones with you to make the parking process run more smoothly. RV spaces have already sold out for this year's show. None will be allowed to park in the regular parking area either.

winter blast in Lake Havasu

Since the gates open well before the show commences, you might want to bring some food, snacks, and/or drinks (non-alcoholic) with you to tied you over. Beginning at 3 pm on Friday and 12 pm on Saturday and Sunday, visit the main baseball fields for Pyro in the Park. This free family-friendly event offers music, food, and alcohol as well as some seating. However, you're always welcome to bring your own lawn chairs if you want. No Pyro in the Park event for Thursday (sorry).

Lake Havasu western pyro

A few quick tips to help make your trip comfortable and fun. Re-entry will not be allowed. Once you leave, that's it. You're gone for good for that day. The SARA Dog Park will be closed from February 12th to February 17th to accommodate Winter Blast. Please leave your furry friends at home. Large crowds and loud noises hurt their delicate senses and scare even the tamest animal. For their sake and for the sake of those around you, leave them safely at home.

Winter Blast Lake Havasu city

Coolers are fine if left in your vehicle. No outside food or drink allowed inside the event area. Lock your cars but leave your car alarms disabled. Percussive soundwaves from fireworks may set them off. Leave the fireworks to the pros. No sparklers, firecrackers or other consumer fireworks allowed. Tents and easy-ups are not allowed on-site either. Arrive early. Once the parking lot fills up, no one will be allowed to park there. And anyone caught parking along SR 95 will receive a ticket and might even get towed. Be safe. Be smart. Have fun.


Maps & Directions



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Feb. 4, 2020

Rockabilly Reunion in Lake Havasu 2020


12th Annual Rockabilly Reunion in Lake Havasu CityRockabilly Lake Havasu


Attention all you cool cats and beautiful Bettys. Ready to go ape for a major bash that only happens once a year. The Rockabilly Reunion 2020 hits Havasu shores over Valentine's Day weekend. Can you dig it?!


Rockabilly Reunion Lake Havasu


More than 150 vendors offer up the best in retro-era fashion, music, and more at Lake Havasu's Rockabilly Reunion 2020. If you love classic American cars from the 40s, 50s, and 60s, you won't want to miss the car and motorcycle show. Rock out to live rockabilly music performed by the likes of Cash'd Out, Chuck E Bumps & the Crocodiles, and the Nocturnal Drifters on-stage throughout the entire three-day event.

Rockabilly Lake Havasu

Twenty-seven other rockabilly bands fill out the music schedule for the weekend. So, you'll never be without some rockin' sounds to dance to. And if pin-up girls are your scene, don't miss the Pin-Up Pageant. Thousands of dollars in cash and prizes go to the winners.

Rockabilly Reunion Lake Havasu

If that's not enough for you, hit up Kokomo's at the London Bridge Resort on Friday and Saturday night for the ragin' after-parties. Each night promises a new surprise musical guest to entertain you for the evening. Strictly for the 21 and over crowd, though. So, call up the babysitter and leave the kids at home.

Rockabilly Reunion Lake Havasu 2020

Tickets cost $20 per day. For an additional $40, pick up a VIP ticket. This gets you everything the regular admission ticket does as well as kicking back in the backstage lounge, exclusive access to the observation deck on stage left, a full cash bar backstage, an exclusive meet and greet with the artists and private restrooms. These tickets tend to sell out quickly. So you need to slap down your cash now in order to secure your spot at the reunion. Pay the $40 VIP fee once for the entire three days. Must purchase general admission tickets separately.

Visit the Rockabilly online ticket shop here: www.etix.com/ticket/v/13232/lake-havasu-state-park to purchase your tickets today. 


Maps & Directions


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Jan. 28, 2020

Winterfest 2020


35th Annual Winterfest Street Festival on Main Street Lake Havasu

winterfest lake havasu city

While our friends to the north and east travel icy roads and shovel snow from their driveways, we enjoy sunny skies and temperatures hitting highs in the 70's. Yes, winter in the Southwestern desert has drawn people to our lake shores for decades now. How do we celebrate our fortune? With Lake Havasu Winterfest 2020!


  • What: Lake Havasu Winterfest Street Fair 2020
  • Where: Downtown Lake Havasu (Main St/McCulloch Blvd) Maps & Directions
  • When: February 8th & 9th, 9 am to 5 pm
  • Admission: FREE



Lake Havasu Winterfest 2020 offers two days of street fair fun on Main Street in the Downtown Lake Havasu District. Dozens of vendors from all over the United States descend upon our fair city to showcase their wares. Of course, several local vendors set up booths as well. Here, you'll find handmade soaps and lotions, organic foods, yard art, woodwork, paintings, clothing, jewelry, and much, much more. Find something special for your someone special in time for Valentine's Day. Add beautiful artwork to your home's walls. Make sure you have all the latest gadgets needed to make camping, boating or riding through the desert that much easier this year. Chances are great that you'll find exactly what you need at Winterfest.

Winterfest street fair havasu

Food vendors keep your belly full with tons of tasty treats while you roam from booth to booth. Enjoy live entertainment each day. The kids never get bored thanks to activities geared especially towards them on-site. Last year's pony rides were a huge hit with the little ones. A must-see at this event each year is the awesome beer garden. Choose from a wide variety of domestic, import, and craft beers to quench your thirst. You must be at least 21 years old to enter, of course. (IDs will be checked.)

winterfest lake havasu city

Vendor spots filled up several weeks ago. But organizers still need volunteers to help set up and clean up, patrol the streets, pick up trash, and work in the beer garden. If you're interested in one of these positions, please visit www.volunteersignup.org/QDWYQ. Choose which position and shift you want, fill out a quick sign-up sheet, and click "send". Organizers will contact you as the event draws near.


Maps and Directions



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Jan. 23, 2020

WON Bass Open 2020


2nd Annual WON Arizona Open Back in Lake Havasu for 2020

WON Bass Open Havasu

One of the great things about living in Lake Havasu City is that you never have to worry about shoveling snow off the driveway. Even in the dead of winter, we still experience temperatures in the upper 60's. Our lake provides a plentiful supply of fish year round as well. Catfish, bluegill, sunfish, and all manner of bass abound in our local waters. Right now, panfish and smallmouth bass rule the waterway. So, I guess it's fitting that the WON Arizona Open 2020 takes place on the lake early next month.


  • What: WON Bass Arizona Open 2020
  • Where: Lake Havasu State Park, Windsor 4 - Maps & Directions
  • When: February 5th, 6th & 7th, 5:30 am to 5 pm
  • Deadline to Enter: January 31st


Lake Havasu WON fishing

Western Outdoor News sponsors bass fishing tournaments all over the United States. Last year's inaugural event was such a success that they decided to bring it back to our fair city again this year. On February 5th, 6th, and 7th, they host the WON Arizona Open 2020 in Lake Havasu State Park. Participants may officially practice for the Arizona Open from February 1st until 12 pm on the 4th. After that, the water is off limits until the tournament begins at the crack of dawn on the 5th.

Fishing Report Lake Havasu

Anglers need to line up at the Windsor South Launch Ramp at 4:30 am on February 5th for official boat inspections. This happens from 4:30 am to 5:30 am each day of the event. After the national colors presentation at 6 am, competitors may head out to cast their lines anywhere they please. Awards will be handed out at 6:30 pm on February 7th in the Windsor Launch Ramp Stage area.

WON fishing Lake Havasu City

The pro purse pays 30 places, ranging from $1000 to $67,500 (including value of the BCB Sabre FTD that's part of the grand prize). The Pro Big Fish purse pays out $8000 in total while the Pro Big Bag pays out $3000 in total over the course of the three-day tournament. The AAA purse also pays 30 places, ranging from $400 to $6000. Their Big Fish purse pays out $4000 total with the Big Bag paying out $1500 total. Entry into the AAA competition costs $400 per person. Pros pay $1000 each.

Lake Havasu bass fishing

Here's a helpful tip for finding where the smallmouth are biting this time of year. rocky areas and stick to shorelines. They also like to swim in the canyon areas. The earlier you drop your line, the better. They also tend to bite late in the afternoon.

Check out the current Lake Havasu Fishing Report:

For more information about the WON Arizona Open, visit Western Outdoor News' website:

Good luck!


Maps and Directions


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