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Dec. 29, 2022

Havasu Balloon Fest 2023

Havasu Balloon Festival and Fair Back at Lake Havasu State Park for 2023

Lake Havasu Balloon Festival 2023

The first major event held in the new year will be Buses by the Bridge. But that is really just the prelude to an even BIGGER event: Havasu Balloon Fest. Thousands of people from all over the world gather right here in the desert to "ooh" and "ahh" at the gorgeous aerial artwork flying high above. Have you made your plans to attend yet?


  • What: Havasu Balloon Fest 2023
  • Where: Lake Havasu State Park, Windsor 4 - Maps & Directions
  • When: January 19th to 22nd

Tickets  |  Schedule of Events  |  Offsite Parking Map  |  Event Map

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Dec. 19, 2022

Buses By The Bridge 2023

The 26th Annual Buses by the Bridge in Lake Havasu City

buses by the bridge lake havasu 2023

When I say "the '60s", what is the first thing you think of? The Summer of Love? Hippies? The Grateful Dead? Well, for many people, the ultimate symbol of the 1960s counterculture movement is the VW Bus. Even though it originally came out in 1950, it became the go-to method of transporting surfboards and lots of friends on the cheap. And that popularity has only grown since. Whether you ever owned a Bus or have simply been an admirer, the Havasu Buses by the Bridge event is a definite "must-see".


  • What: Havasu Buses by the Bridge 2023
  • Where: Lake Havasu State Park, Windsor 4 - Maps & Directions
  • When: January 13th to the 15th
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Dec. 9, 2022

Ice Skating at London Bridge Resort 2022

Ice Skating Going on Now at London Bridge Resort

ice skating at london bridge resort lake havasuWe love water in all its glorious forms here in Lake Havasu. While temperatures never drop low enough for long enough to freeze our lake, London Bridge Resort still brings a fun wintertime water-related activity to our lovely little town. Outdoor ice skating! And it will be here through the middle of January 2023!


  • What: Ice Skating at London Bridge 2022
  • Where: London Bridge Resort (1477 Queens Bay) - Maps & Directions
  • When: Now through January 15th

Hours  |  Pricing  |  Maps & Directions  |  Christmas Tree Lane Map

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Dec. 1, 2022

Havasu Holiday Boat Parade of Lights 2022

The Annual Boat Parade of Lights to Start December 3rd in Lake Havasu City

Boat Parade of Lights in Lake Havasu City 2022

We love the Festival of Lights. It makes Lake Havasu look so magical during the holidays. But we also love spending time on the water. What happens when you combine Christmas lights with boating? The Havasu Holiday Boat Parade of Lights!


  • What: Havasu Holiday Boat Parade of Lights 2022
  • Where: Bridgewater Channel - Maps & Directions
  • When: Saturday, December 3rd, 6 pm to 8 pm


ℹ️➡️ Cant make it? Live Stream it on Facebook here: www.facebook.com/events/520172483487597/


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Nov. 25, 2022

Lake Havasu Top 12 to Buy Lake House

Lake Havasu City AZ Makes Top 12 City To Buy A Lake House in The US

Travel & Leisure names Lake Havasu City one of the top 12 places to buy a lake house in the U.S.

A new report from TravelandLeisure.com and Evole.com reveals the best places to buy a lake house in the U.S., complete with scenic views, a laid-back lifestyle, and excellent rental potential.




This list of homes features at least 3+ Bedrooms, a pool and decent boat deep garage. 


"When determining the best places to buy a lake house, we look at destinations that have advantages for both potential investors and future guests," Louis Olds, director of real estate at Evolve, told Travel + Leisure. "For investors, we present the Evolve Difference as a way to help lake house owners maximize income and exceed the projected revenue of the market. For guests, we showcase desirable locations that have the right atmosphere for relaxation, natural beauty, and many ways to have fun."

Year-round sunshine, 400 miles of pristine lakefront, and a desert backdrop define Lake Havasu City — a Southwest destination with name recognition for being “Arizona’s playground.” It draws a steady stream of visitors (835,000 every year, in fact) from major metros like Phoenix, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas to enjoy water sports and untamed off-road trails.

To get the best results form a vacation rental home purchase in Lake Havasu, it must have all the amenities renters are looking for. With the busiest rental market season being the summer boating months, renters like to sleep as many people as possible, want a pool and outdoor hangout BBQ areas and somewhere to park thier boat. The closer to a launch ramp the better!


This list of homes features at least 3+ Bedrooms, a pool and decent boat deep garage. 


Nov. 19, 2022

Lake Havasu Festival of Lights 2022

Lake Havasu City to Kick Off The Holiday Season With the 27th Annual Festival of Lights

Lake Havasu Festival of Lights 2022Christmas decorations have been up in the stores since September. But we still have Thanksgiving to get through before the Christmas season officially begins. And in Havasu, we kick it off with the Festival of Lights.


  • What: Lake Havasu Festival of Lights 2022
  • Where: English Village & London Bridge Resort - Maps & Directions
  • When: November 25th to January 8th, dusk to 10 pm
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Nov. 16, 2022

Desert Bash & Off Road Poker Run 2022

Desert Bash & Off Road Poker Run Presented by Anderson Powersports

Desert Bash & Off Road Poker Run Lake Havasu 2022

Our lake offers hours upon hours of fun. But even in the desert, the water gets a bit cold during the winter. Thankfully, Havasu is surrounded by over one million acres of BLM land (Bureau of Land Management). That means that playtime continues on land when the water gets a bit on the chilly side. If you are looking for something fun to do, sign up for the Lake Havasu Desert Bash.


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Nov. 10, 2022

Havasu Sand, Water & RV Expo 2022

11th Annual Havasu Sand, Water & RV Expo Back at Lake Havasu State Park

Sand and Water Expo Lake Havasu 2022

The rest of the country may be held prisoner to freezing cold rain, bitterly chilling temperatures, and even hurricane watches. But not here in Havasu. Yes, our temperatures have fallen a bit. However, we still enjoy boats on the water, playing in the dirt, and camping in the middle of the desert. If you want to "up" your toy game, then you need to make the 11th Annual Havasu Sand, Water & RV Expo your destination of choice.


  • What: Havasu Sand, Water & RV Expo 2022
  • Where: Lake Havasu State Park, Windsor 4 - Maps & Directions
  • When: November 18th and 19th
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Oct. 28, 2022

Fright Night in Lake Havasu 2022

The 17th Annual Fright Night in Lake Havasu City is Back on Mainstreet for 2022

fright night lake havasu 2022

So many cities around the country are experiencing quite a cold snap right now. But who wants to put on a jacket to go trick-or-treating? Well, in Lake Havasu, you don't have to cover up your costume when you participate in the Main Street Halloween Fright Night. 


  • What: Main Street Halloween Fright Night 2022
  • Where: McCulloch Blvd N, Downtown Havasu - Maps & Directions
  • When: Monday, October 31st, 4 pm to 8 pm

Divine Skin Care Lake Havasu facials

Daytime highs reach into the low '80s this time of year. So, you will be feeling nice and warm when you visit Main Street on Halloween night. Beginning at 4 pm, bring the kids to any of the Downtown Havasu businesses located along McCulloch Blvd. Organizers set up fun activities for your little ones to enjoy in between trick-or-treating. Plus, vendors sell food and drinks to help you keep your strength up when hauling all that candy around!

Halloween Lake Havasu City 2022

If you feel like you're not quite ready to go home after Fright Night, head over to the London Bridge. More specifically, head to the stage located under the bridge. Starting at 6:30 pm, the LHC Ghostbusters host their Thriller Dance Contest. Participants get to learn THE dance routine that Michael Jackson showed off in his classic "Thriller" video. First, the Ghostbusters start off slow so you can practice each move. Then, they play it at normal speed for you to dance along. Don't worry. Even if you have two left feet, the Ghostbusters make it easy to follow along by calling out each of the dance steps over top of the music. You got this!

All ages are welcome to join the Thriller Dance Contest for free. Costumes are not required but are greatly encouraged. And they will even be passing out candy to the little ones.

fright night lake havasu



halloween lake havasu city

So, trick-or-treat on Main Street first. Then finish the night with some thrilling dance moves under the London Bridge. Sounds like a great way to spend Halloween with your friends and family to me!


Maps & Directions







Oct. 20, 2022

44th Annual Run to the Sun Car Show

Relics and Rods to Host The 44th Annual Run to the Sun Car Show in Lake Havasu City

run to the sun lake havasu

From Charlie Ryan's "Hot Rod Lincoln" to Thomas Rhett's "That Old Truck". Songs about taking your car and your love out for a drive have been around for decades. For many of us, getting our driver's license allowed us that first bit of freedom to go anywhere and do anything. Celebrate the vehicles that you owned or just admired in years past at the Havasu Relics and Rods Run to the Sun 2022 Car Show and Cruise.


  • What: Havasu Relics and Rods Run to the Sun 2022
  • Where: Bridgewater Links at London Bridge Resort - Maps & Directions
  • When: October 20th to 23rd
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