Boat Launch Ramp Sites Around Lake Havasu City

Lake Havasu Marina

With a 45 mile long lake, boaters have several locations to launch from. In fact, you'll find 12 motorized and six non-motorized launch sites up and down the lake.

Crazy Horse Campgrounds, Havasu Springs Resort, Site 6 launch ramp, Lake Havasu Marina, Windsor State Park launch ramps and Havasu Riviera Marina rank high with local boaters for their convenience and location, and the brand new Havasu Riviera launch ramp that just opened 5/22.

Crazy Horse, the marina and Site 6 are located on the island, right across from the London Bridge while the Havasu Springs Resort is actually located in Parker, but on Lake Havasu, approximately 23 miles south of town, but still accessible on Lake Havasu. While Crazy Horse and Site 6 don't offer a gas dock, Havasu Springs Resort as well as Havasu marina do. Havasu Riviera marina will also have fuel docs. Crazy Horse, Havasu Marina, Windsor launch, Havasu Riviera Marina and Havasu Springs charge a fee to use them. However, Site 6 is a public launch facility and does not. Be careful, though. Make a note: The steep Site 6 ramp tends to get very slippery. ;-)


Havasu Riviera Launch Ramp

Some of our local resorts like Islander RV Resort, Nautical Beachfront Resort, and Sam's Beachcomber Resort provide launch sites, but, you must be a guest at the resort to use them.

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Take Off Point, Bill Williams River, Castle Rock Bay, London Bridge Beach, Mesquite Bay, and Rotary Park allow boaters to launch for free. Take Off Point is a shallow launch site. Small vessels only, please. It's also the only one of these free sites set up for motorized launches.

Lake Havasu launch ramp map



You'll find a complete list of all available launch sites around Lake Havasu here

PDF Map: lake_havasu_launch_ramp_map.pdf

Lake Havasu launch ramps map

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Be smart, be safe, and we'll all have a great time on the lake this summer. Here are a few other links that you might like: