Fireworks Over The Lake in Lake Havasu City

4th of July fireworks in Lake Havasu

This year, Independence Day occurs smack dab in the middle of the week. Thousands of people head to the lake for the day. The water offers a welcome respite from the triple-digit temperatures. But when the sun goes down, the skies light up. That's when the 2018 4th of July fireworks show takes place in Lake Havasu City.


Since the fireworks will be set off from the south side of the island, spectators can view it from pretty much anywhere around the Thompson Bay. Beginning at 9 pm, tune your radio to 980AM KNTR for a musical simulcast to accompany the pyrotechnic show. It's fun to watch by land and by lake.


Since viewing areas around the bay fill up pretty quickly, you're going to want to scout out a spot early. The best places to view the 4th of July fireworks in Lake Havasu City is either at Rotary Beach or the Nautical Beachfront Resort. Both offer plenty of free parking and unobstructed views of the light show. While coolers are acceptable at Rotary Park, they aren't allowed at the Nautical Resort. Alcohol is prohibited at both locations. London Bridge Beach (on the north end of the bay) offers another great location for fireworks viewing. Go ahead and bring your cooler if you'd like. 


For a truly unique viewing experience, stay out on the lake after dark. Lots of people enjoy this. So, make sure to find a spot early on to stay. Keep in mind the lake police will be out in full force on the 4th. Also, keep in mind that the boat ramps get crowded after the show. Expect extended wait times here.

Lake Havasu fireworks

Finally, don't bring your pets to the fireworks show. Let them stay in the comfort and peaceful surroundings of your home instead. Loud noises and crowds can scare even the most docile of creatures. Their hearing is much more acute than ours. The fireworks show is no place for them to be.


Have fun. Be safe. And have a happy 4th of July, Havasu style!


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