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Friendly Island in Lake Havasu Camping

Memorial Day weekend typically marks the official start of summer. However, here in Lake Havasu, we're already in the triple digits and most of us hit the water several weeks ago. But our numbers swell when the out-of-towners kick off their summer season on the lake.  Lake Havasu boating season is here!

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Falcon Garage Doors Lake Havasu

In preparation for the traffic on the lake, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has been busily preparing all boat-in campsites around the lake.  Over the last six years, the BLM made it a priority to upgrade the campsites to make them more camper-friendly.  For example, each area now provides restrooms for guests and retaining walls were installed to keep campsites clear and safe. Restroom facilities, picnic tables, cabanas, and built-in charcoal barbecues are installed at most locations.

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Shoreline camping on Lake Havasu Balance Rock

Currently, the BLM offers 87 different shoreline campsites.  Expect to see overnight camping going on all the way into October.  You must pay a fee to use the campsites, whether it's just for the day or overnight.  A day pass costs $10.  If you want to stay the night, you just pay an additional $10 for up to six people for up to two weeks.  Bigger parties cost $2 for each additional person. Plan on going out once a month, bi-monthly or even every weekend? Grab an annual pass for just $100.

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Boat in campsites on Lake Havasu



For a complete list of BLM boat-in campsites around Lake Havasu, Click Here and scroll down to the Bureau of Land Management Boat-In Campsites section.  They provide GPS coordinates to help you locate each site.  Or, you can call the BLM direction at (928) 505-1200.

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Arizona State Parks also offers 28 primitive boat-in campsites along Lake Havasu. See all boat-in campsites on Lake Havasu with GPS coordinates here.


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Lake Havasu Boating Laws

Safety should be a priority for anyone playing on the lake.  Just like in cars, operating a watercraft while intoxicated can end up with serious fines or even jail time.  And believe me.  Cops patrol the waterways regularly. It's simple, don't drink and operate any watercraft.

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An appropriately-sized USCG approved life jacket must be made available for everyone on a boat or PWC.  It doesn't necessarily have to be on at all times.  But it must be accessible quickly and easily.

In Arizona, you must be at least 12 years old to operate a motorized vehicle on the lake.  If you're on the California side, you must be at least 16.  This includes boats and PWC.  

Stay on the right side of the lake (like when driving a car).  The Channel is a no wake zone.  That means you cannot go over 5mph while traveling through the Channel.  And never stop while in the Channel for any reason. Keep the idling off when your boat is beached.

If you end of up in accident, you must stop and exchange contact information with the other party involved.  Also, render aid when necessary.  You don't want to be charged with a "hit and run" violation by leaving the scene.

These are just a few of the boating laws you must be aware of before going out on the lake.  For a complete list of laws, please visit https://golakehavasu.com/activities/boating/boating-safety/arizona-boating-laws/.  Make sure you read them in their entirety.  Then, go out and have a fun (and safe) day out on the lake.  Lake Havasu boating season is here!  Enjoy it!



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