The IJSBA Jettrim World Finals Back at Crazy Horse Campgrounds for 2022

2022 Jettrim World Finals Lake Havasu 2022

October is here. Yet, we still see temperatures in the upper 90s/low 100s right now. Warm water means more time to play on the lake. The weatherman predicts triple-digit temperatures and high 90's throughout this week. That makes it the perfect time for Havasu to host the IJSBA Jettrim WGP1 World Finals 2022!


  • What: IJSBA Jettrim WGP1 World Finals 2022
  • Where: Crazy Horse Campgrounds - Maps & Directions
  • When: October 1st to 9th

Danette Christine Photography Lake Havasu


For the 42nd year in a row, IJSBA chose Lake Havasu as its watery race track to decide their World Finals winners. While gates open on October 1st, the first few days are actually meant for the competitors and their teams to check in and stage their equipment. The first official race doesn't take place until October 4th. That's when spectators should come cheer on the men, women, and kids competing in the various PWC categories. Stand-up. Sit down. Freestyle. It's all happening in one location...the waters outside of Crazy Horse Campgrounds

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ijsba world finals jet ski races lake havasu

Interested in participating in the World Finals? They accept amateurs as well as pros. Unfortunately, online registration is closed. However, beginning on Saturday, October 1st, you may come to the Crazy Horse Campgrounds and register in person. But, you do need to be an IJSBA member to compete. Luckily, it only takes a few minutes and $80 to become a member ($75 to renew your membership). Visit the IJSBA website here to register today.

ijsba world finals lake havasu city 2022

jet ski world finals lake havasu 2022

Beginning Wednesday, October 5th, dozens of vendors set up booths around the campgrounds. The IJSBA World PWC Trade Show features items for and about personal watercraft only. Get the latest and greatest gadgets and accessories for your PWC here. Find a part you've been searching for forever. Talk to the aftermarket specialists to see how you can upgrade and customize your PWC to make it the best toy you own.


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