JamFest 2018 at Sundance Saloon on the Parker Strip

JamFest on the Parker Strip

As summer winds down, the music heats up. If you like to rock and enjoy time at the river, you're going to love JamFest AZ 2018. This live music festival features some of the best acts to come out of LA. And they'll be playing live for a two-day jam fest like nothing you've ever seen before.


  • What: JamFest AZ 2018 - www.JamFestAZ.com
  • Where: Sundance Saloon - 5920 Riverside Dr, Parker, AZ - Map & Directions
  • When: August 24th & 25th, 6 pm to 2 am
  • Admission: FREE


Sundance Saloon sits right on the Colorado River. So, after a day of play on the water, head to the saloon for JamFest 2018. Admission is free. Sundance offers great food and drink specials all night long.

Sundance Saloon JamFest 2018

The three headliners: Pump5, Stonebreed, and Venrez, all come from LA's hard rock scene. Pump5 whips up the crowd with their original SoCal Rock tunes. Stonebreed plays hard rock music with a definite Southern Metal edge. And Venrez offers up Alternative Rock for guests at JamFest 2018. Other bands currently on the schedule for the two-day fest include local boys Up an' Atom (out of Bullhead) and Poison Made Sinners (out of Kingman), both playing their own brand of punk rock for the people.

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