Jet Jam is Back in Lake Havasu City to Close Out the "Best of the West" Series with the Jet Jam PWC Championship

Jet Jam Championship lake havasu 2022

Jet Jam started their 2022 "Best of the West" series in Havasu back in March. They returned for more racing in June. Now, they are back again to close out the series with the Jet Jam PWC Championship in September.


  • What: Jet Jam PWC Championship 2022
  • Where: Crazy Horse Campgrounds (1534 Beachcomber) - Maps & Directions
  • When: 10 am to 4 pm September 16 to 18

Falcon Garage Doors Lake Havasu City

Summer officially ends on September 22nd. I cannot think of a better way to finish out the summer than watching PWCs racing around the lake. Unless, of course, you would rather actually be the one out there racing on the water. Jet Jam racing includes men, women, juniors, pros, and amateurs compete with 4-strokes, stock, lites, mod lites, vintage, sport, and runabouts. And, of course, no Jet Jam racing would be complete without the ever-popular pro and amateur freestyle competitions. 

jet jam championships lake havasu

Are you interested in showing off your skills? Sign up to compete online at However, you must be an IJSBA member in order to participate. Fortunately, Jet Jam makes it very easy to get your membership. And it only costs $80 for new members. Already an existing member but need to renew your membership? Again, they make it really easy to do so online. Just follow the link provided on the registration page.

jet jam racing series lake havasu 2022

Racers need supporters out there cheering them on, too. And it costs nothing to do so. Just show up with your sunscreen on and water to stay hydrated to encourage your favorite racers as they fight it out on the water for that "Best in the West" title. Just make sure you get there early so you can find a great place to watch all the action. By the way, this is strictly a bring your own chair situation. So, don't forget that either. Enjoy!

Jet Jams PWC Championship Lake Havasu City


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