Rounds 1 & 2 of the 2019 Hydro-Turf JetJam Racing Tour at Lake Havasu's Nautical Inn

JetJam Lake Havasu 2019

Hundreds of thousands of people flock to our desert oasis each year. As a popular destination location for spring breakers, we start to see things on the lake jumping in March. They don't slow down until late in the year. Whether you come to play on the lake or watch others race around it, you won't be disappointed. In fact, the Lake Havasu JetJam PWC Racing 2019 takes place later this month and is always fun to watch.


  • What: Lake Havasu JetJam PWC Racing 2019
  • Where: Nautical Beachfront Resort - Maps & Directions
  • When: March 30th & 31st, 8 am to 5 pm
  • Admission: Free for spectators



Lake Havasu JetJam PWC Racing series kicks off with a season-opening social on Friday, March 29th. The racer and one guest have the opportunity to meet with other competitors for pizza and salad. But then, it's race time! That's when you'll see some high-intensity competition, aquatic acrobatics, and skilled twists and turns out on the closed race course.

Jet Jam Lake Havasu

The first two rounds of Lake Havasu JetJam PWC Racing for 2019 take place at the Nautical Beachfront Resort on March 30th and 31st. You must be a member of the AWSA (American Water Sports Association) in order to participate. Racers can participate in several different classes if they'd like. If you decide to race in more than one class, each additional class fee is reduced by 25%. Online registration closes at midnight on March 26th. A $20 per class late fee will be applied if you sign up after that. Register online here:

River Whips

Lake Havasu JetJam comes back to the Nautical Inn on April 13th and 14th for Rounds 3 and 4. If you'd like to compete then, you must register before midnight on April 9th in order to avoid the $20 per class late fee. Registration for Rounds 3 and 4 can be completed here:

Lake Havasu JetJam 2019

Spectators are welcome to watch the competition at the Nautical Beachfront Resort for free. Bring a beach towel and/or chairs for your comfort. But, rest assured. You won't be sitting for long while the racing takes place. Jump up and shout your support for your favorite riders as they whip the lake up into a frenzy. And, if you happen to be out on the lake during any of the Lake Havasu JetJam PWC Racing heats, stay out of the fray and far away from the designated race course. We want everyone to stay safe out there.


Maps & Directions

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