Southwest Kayaks Hosts Lake Havasu Big Bass Bash 2018

Lake Havasu Big Bass Bash

If you love to fish any time of the year, then Lake Havasu is the place to be. Southwest Kayaks hosts their Lake Havasu Big Bass Bash 2018 beginning this weekend. They offer a full week of trolling the lake in search of the beautiful bass that live in these waters.



The rules for Lake Havasu Big Bass Bash are simple. Whoever catches the biggest bass wins! Fish anytime and anywhere you want between midnight on August 10th and midnight on August 17th. No live bait allowed. To be considered for the grand prize, send a photo of your fish measured with an official Hawg Trough device to the event organizer. Each contestant receives an ID card with their registration. Make sure you include your ID card in the photo for verification.

Bass fishing Lake Havasu

Lake Havasu Big Bass Bash 2018 offers 100% payback. Prizes will be determined by how many anglers sign up. The registration deadline is at 4 pm on August 9th. You must register in person at Southwest Kayaks in the English Village. For more info, contact Southwest Kayaks. Good luck!



Lake Havasu Bass Fishing Tips

Largemouth bass prefer early mornings. But they tend to be scarce this time of year. Smallmouth bass like to swim early in the morning or late in the afternoons. However, they also tend to be scarce at this time of year. Most likely, you'll be seeing striped bass roaming the waters. Like its smallmouth cousin, striped bass prefer early mornings or late afternoons. Small gatherings of birds on the lake's surface provide a good indication that bass lurk below. Experts recommend topwater lures in the early morning hours. For afternoon fishing, switch to shad imitations.


Maps and Directions


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