The 2017 IJSBA Blowsion World Finals come to Lake Havasu City

ijsba Blowsion world finals 2017

Havasu temperatures started tapering back down to double digits lately. While still comfortably in the 90s, they're far below the 100+ temps we see during our hottest summer months. That's why we can still host events like the Lake Havasu Blowsion World Finals 2017 at the end of September.



When someone says "Lake Havasu", what immediately pops into mind? Water and boating, of course. We see thousands of boats and personal watercraft (PWC) hit the lake every year. The Lake Havasu Blowsion World Finals is an "invitation only" event. More than 750 of the best PWC athletes from all over the world come to Lake Havasu City to compete for the title of "World Champion" at this IJSBA-sanctioned event.

Registration and the pits open up on the first two days of the Blowsion World Finals (September 30th & October 1st). Practice for the novice/amateur divisions takes place on the lake on October 2nd. Novice/amateur athletes actually race against each other on October 3rd. But first, come watch the Parade of Nations under the London Bridge.

IJSBA Blowsion world finals Lake Havasu

Next, the amateur/expert divisions race each other on October 4th. On the 5th, it's the amateur/expert/pro-am divisions. These individuals finish on the 6th, with awards for all completed class racing handed out on Friday night. On Saturday and Sunday, it's all about the pros. In addition to the normal competition races, spectators receive a treat with the amazing Pro Freestyle Expo. Awards for the pro level race winners will be handed out on Sunday night.

IJSBA Blowsion world finals in Lake Havasu City 2017

A special stadium will be set up along the shore for the Blowsion World Finals events. That's where you go to watch. Several merchandise, food and beer vendors will be on-site to sell their wares. Get there early to scout a good spot on the bleachers, especially when the freestyle competition is going on.

IJSBA Blowsion world finals Lake Havasu City

Keep an eye out on the weather. Wear plenty of sunscreen. Protect your eyes as well with a good pair of sunglasses. Binoculars ensure you don't miss a moment of competition. Have fun!

- Full event schedule from IJSBA


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