The 25th Annual Festival of Lights in Lake Havasu City

Lake Havasu Festival of Lights at the London Bridge

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2020 sequestered us in our houses for both school and work. So many great events were canceled this summer due to COVID-19 concerns. But, some things need to be experienced in the Havasu Festival of Lights. Luckily, it has not been canceled. In fact, peopled wanted this to happen so badly that organizers started it early this year.


  • What: Lake Havasu City Festival of Lights
  • When: November 20th - January 4th until 10pm nightly
  • Where: The English Village at the London Bridge - Maps & Directions
  • Admission: FREE


Usually, we must wait until after Thanksgiving for the English Village to light up with over a half a million twinkling Christmas lights. Alas, this year, Christmas starts early. As of last weekend, city officials welcome residents and visitors to stroll through The English Village anytime between the time the sun sets until 10 pm any night of the week. After January 4th, the Festival of Lights shuts down until next year.

Festival of Lights in Lake Havasu City

Admission to the Havasu Festival of Lights is absolutely free of charge. You can even park for free at either the London Bridge Resort and Convention Center or the English Village parking lot. While you're there, stop in for dinner at one of the village's restaurants. Then, peruse the London Bridge shops for a birthday, anniversary. Hanukkah, or Christmas present. The area is completely wheelchair accessible for our more physically challenged visitors. If you or any of your family members are staying at the London Bridge Resort throughout this holiday season, the English Village is located directly adjacent to the resort. This makes it incredibly convenient for guests to enjoy the Festival of Lights themselves.

Christmas lights in Lake Havasu at Londdn Bridge

You don't have to visit the English Village in order to enjoy what the Havasu Festival of Lights has to offer. A simple drive across the London Bridge gives you an eagle's eye view of the lights below. But one of my favorite ways to see the lights in all their glory is from the comfort of your own boat in Bridgewater Channel. The view from the water is truly a sight to behold. 

Festival of Lights in Lake Havasu City

This year, we may have to celebrate the holidays a little differently than before. So, however you choose to do so, make sure you stay safe. Happy Thanksgiving. ~HavasuLew


Maps & Directions

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