Need Another Reason to Love Lake Havasu? - Lake Havasu Named a Top AZ Winter Fishing Destination

 Lake Havasu fishing

Every year, the Arizona Game and Fish Dept releases their list of the top five "fishing holes" for anglers to dip their pole during the winter time.  This year, Lake Havasu was named a top AZ winter fishing destination.  Only the Lower Salt River beat out our local lake.

Lake Havasu Bass fishing



Sure, Lake Havasu is more well known for its activities on or above the water.  After all, they host many watercraft competitions and events like Desert Storm.  The warm weather made Lake Havasu City the spring break destination of choice for millions of people in the Southwest over the years.



During the Spring, Summer and Fall months, Lake Havasu also hosts dozens of fishing tournaments.  In fact, Lake Havasu made it onto Bassmaster Magazine's Top 20 list for the entire country just two years ago.

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While our community hit the top spot on the AGFD's list last year, it just missed it this year.  The Lower Salt River's amazing trout fishing helped that area inch its way into the top spot.  But, I'd expect Lake Havasu to be named a top AZ winter fishing destination again soon.

Fishing in Lake Havasu AZ

One factor that encourages healthy fishing on Lake Havasu in the winter happens to be less boat traffic.  Cooler winter weather discourages some people from playing out on the water.  Fish become more active with less traffic. This makes fishing much easier.

So, what kind of fish are in Lake Havasu?

Lake Havasu's game fish include Striped Bass or Stripers, Largemouth Bass and Smallmouth Bass. There is also good fishing for Flathead and Channel Catfish, and Sunfish, including some huge Redear Sunfish. There are also tons of Carp and even some Black Crappie and Bluegill.

Lake Havasu Fishing

Another factor seems to be its location along the lower part of the Colorado River.  Temperatures are warmer here than further up the river.  So, fish naturally migrate to our area.

The other three areas that made up the rest of the Arizona Game and Fish Dept's top five winter fishing holes were Lees Ferry, Parker Canyon Lake and Alamo Lake.  Fishermen can find plenty of rainbow trout in Lees Ferry in Northern Arizona.  At the very southern part of Arizona, right near the Mexico border, sits Parker Canyon Lake. This lake is stocked full of trout all winter long.  Alamo Lake offers crappie fishing like you find nowhere else in the entire state.

You will need a fishing licence to fish in Lake Havasu, or any waters in Arizona. For more information, see the AZG&F website below.

Check out the current fishing report at the Arizona Game & Fish Dept website -



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