42nd Annual Parker Tube Float Down the Colorado River

Parker Tube FloatYep! It's that time of year again, folks. Time for the great Parker Tube Float 2019. Lazy days on the river never felt so good. Not a bad way to beat the triple-digit heat either. 


  • What: Parker Tube Float 2019
  • Where: Pirate's Den Resort at La Paz County Park - Maps & Directions
  • When: Saturday, June 8th, 8 am to 4 pm
  • Admission: $20/person, $25/PWC or boat
  • Contact: Parker Chamber of Commerce (928) 669-2174 or via email: info@parkeraz.org




Participants of the Parker Tube Float must arrive at La Paz County Park with their floats and gear (including life jackets) in tow. Floats need to be deflated as everyone will be shuttled to the Buckskin Mountain State Park start line.

Tube Float in Parker AZ

You're allowed one boat or PWC to accompany your group of floaters. They should drop in at Buckskin Mountain State Park. From Buckskin Mountain, you'll float your way down the Colorado River to Pirate's Den Resort. Once there, let's party the afternoon away with music, prizes, and more.

Parker tube float 2019

Children under 12 years old cannot participate. Everyone must sign a waiver to participate. Waivers for children ages 12-17 must be signed by a parent or guardian. No more than 10 floats can be tied together. Inflation stations will be available at the start line to get your floats ready for the river. Once you reach the finish line, deflate your floats and put them in your car/truck. If you're not keeping them, dispose of them in the trash receptacles provided. 


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  • bring kegs, alcohol of any kind (including jello shooters) or unlawful substances with you
  • float on homemade floats, including those made out of plywood, barrels or docking material
  • bring anything in glass or styrofoam
  • bring water balloons
  • litter (pack it in, pack it out)



  • stay hydrated with water or sports drinks
  • wear a hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses
  • bring snacks with you
  • keep your ID and cash on you at all times in a waterproof container (put phone in there, too)
  • choose water shoes over flip-flops since the latter is easily lost while floating
  • bring C-clamps to hook floats together (paddles or oars are optional but do make navigating the river a little easier)

Parker Tube Float

Online registration has ended. Organizers strongly suggest that you pick up your wristbands early to avoid long lines on the day of the event. They'll be available for purchase at the following locations in Parker through the end of business on Friday, June 7th:

* Parker Chamber of Commerce (1217 California Ave) - available until 5 pm

* The Bar on the Parker Strip (10172 Riverside Dr) - available until 2 am

* Spanky's RV & Marine (400 Riverside Dr) - available until 6 pm

* Sundance Saloon on the Parker Strip (5920 Riverside Dr) - available until 2 am


If you don't manage to nab your wristbands beforehand, don't worry. You can still show up early on Saturday morning to register.

Grab your floats. Gather your buddies. Splash on some sunscreen and make your way to the Parker Tube Float. You won't be sorry.


Maps & Directions


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