Western Pyrotechnic Association Back in Lake Havasu for Winter Blast: 2020 - "Ignite the Night"

Winter Blast Lake Havasu

Americans love to celebrate with fireworks. Independence Day. New Year's Eve. It's all fun and games. But, let's face it. New Year's was over a month ago. And who wants to wait five more months for the 4th of July? Spend Valentine's Day weekend at SARA Park with the Havasu Winter Blast Pyrotechnics Show 2020!


  • What: 31st Annual WPA Havasu Winter Blast Pyrotechnics Show 2020
  • Where: Havasu 95 Speedway @ SARA Park - Maps & Directions
  • When: February 13th to 16th, 7:30 pm to 10 pm
  • WPA Official Site: www.westernpyro.org

Winter blast 2020 Havasu

Since 1989, the Western Pyrotechnic Association has come to our oasis in the desert to showcase the latest and greatest fireworks in the field. With literally thousands of acres of desert land surrounding and warmer winter weather, Lake Havasu offers the perfect safe location to light up these rockets. 


The show starts after dark, around 7:30 pm, nightly. However, gates open as early as noon on Thursday and Sunday and 10 am on Friday and Saturday (which also happen to be the busiest days of the weekend). Parking spaces fill up quickly. Parking costs $8 per vehicle (cash only). They set no limit to the number of people allowed in each vehicle. Just make sure everyone fits safely inside. Organizers strongly suggest that you bring ones with you to make the parking process run more smoothly. RV spaces have already sold out for this year's show. None will be allowed to park in the regular parking area either.

winter blast in Lake Havasu

Since the gates open well before the show commences, you might want to bring some food, snacks, and/or drinks (non-alcoholic) with you to tied you over. Beginning at 3 pm on Friday and 12 pm on Saturday and Sunday, visit the main baseball fields for Pyro in the Park. This free family-friendly event offers music, food, and alcohol as well as some seating. However, you're always welcome to bring your own lawn chairs if you want. No Pyro in the Park event for Thursday (sorry).

Lake Havasu western pyro

A few quick tips to help make your trip comfortable and fun. Re-entry will not be allowed. Once you leave, that's it. You're gone for good for that day. The SARA Dog Park will be closed from February 12th to February 17th to accommodate Winter Blast. Please leave your furry friends at home. Large crowds and loud noises hurt their delicate senses and scare even the tamest animal. For their sake and for the sake of those around you, leave them safely at home.

Winter Blast Lake Havasu city

Coolers are fine if left in your vehicle. No outside food or drink allowed inside the event area. Lock your cars but leave your car alarms disabled. Percussive soundwaves from fireworks may set them off. Leave the fireworks to the pros. No sparklers, firecrackers or other consumer fireworks allowed. Tents and easy-ups are not allowed on-site either. Arrive early. Once the parking lot fills up, no one will be allowed to park there. And anyone caught parking along SR 95 will receive a ticket and might even get towed. Be safe. Be smart. Have fun.


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