4th of July in Lake Havasu Features Fireworks Over the Lake

4th of July fireworks in Lake Havasu City

July 4th takes place on a Monday this year. For many of us, that means a three-day weekend spent out on the lake. But once the sun goes down, what will you be doing? I don't know about you, but I'll be watching the fireworks show!

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Organizers invite spectators to come watch the July 4th fireworks show either on the beach or on their boats. While the show does not start until dusk (around 9 pm), Rotary Park Beach and the surrounding area fill up well beforehand with people clamoring for their own spot to watch from. All you need to do is get to your viewing location early and park/sit/anchor in place. Then, as it nears 9 pm, tune your radio to KNTR 980AM for a musical simulcast that syncs right up with the pyrotechnical display.


The best places to watch the show include:

Map to Fireworks Launch Point at Spectator Point

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Fireworks will be shot off from Spectator Point on the Island (next to the Nautical Resort). Coolers are allowed at Rotary Beach and London Bridge Beach but not a the Nautical Resort. Thompson Bay does fill up quickly. So, organizers suggest that once you find a spot during the day, you drop anchor and plan on being there for a while. For added safety (and to keep you from bumping into any other watercraft in the area), anchor both the bow and the stern. Police will be out patrolling the beaches and the lake all weekend long. So, please enjoy yourself responsibly.

Lake Havasu 4th of July fireworks

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I understand that pets play a huge part of our families' lives. However, the bright lights, loud sounds, and roaring crowds rile up even the tamest of animals. The noise, in particular, can harm dogs' sensitive ears. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you leave your furry friends at home on July 4th. That keeps them safe as well as the people watching the show. Enjoy the show!

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